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MG and/or Narcolepsy?

Posted by Nikki on October 04, 2000 at 01:34:42:

Hi all - just wondering....I was diagnosed in '79 with Myasthenia Gravis. That includes loss of muscle control, slurred speech, double vision and great fatigue.
However, now I am having trouble sleeping at night, EDS (which to me is like 'blanking out', and upon coming to my head, neck, and sometimes my arms, are "frozen".
I never used to remember my dreams, but now they are so vivid I feel like I can't tell which is the reality for a minute or two. I am not having nightmares though.
My vision is now "blurred" instead of "double". In the last few months I have fallen asleep while talking on the phone. I have also been in a conversation and all of a sudden realize that I have just said something inane...that has nothing to do with who I am talking too or about.
I have blanked out somewhere between picking up my coffee cup and getting it to my mouth - thus pouring hot coffee all over myself.
And have just started burning my nightgowns and even my keyboard with a lit cigarette, which I have NEVER done before, in my life!! all because I have fallen "out" and had no contol over it. I can be "out" for a minute or two, or longer...much longer.
I am so confused...do I have MG? or Narcolepsy? or both?
Anyone else have MG?

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