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Re: This one has me puzzled!

Posted by Terri on September 08, 2000 at 03:19:45:

In Reply to: This one has me puzzled! posted by Peg2 on September 06, 2000 at 22:07:11:

I always thought of a HH episode as being something very scary. From what people describe and from what has happened to me, you can hear and see(things that are not really there, but you can't move. There has been a couple of times that this has accorded to me that my husband has been in bed with me and seen the terror in my face. As for the remembering things that haven't really been said or done, I think that is from dreaming so darn much. I have reacurring dreams and continuing dreams kind of like my own little soap operas. I wish when I woke up I could remember all the details, I could write novels. I've had Narcolepsy for 27 years now. I am quite a classic case. I have experinced all the symptoms sometime in my life time. My nerologist even paid me once to come in and let the Med. students diagnois me. My Doctor was one of ones on the board who tested the Med. students for Licensing. I actually diagnoised my self after going through a bunch of blood tests and being told it was all in my head, that I was just deppressed. I was lucky I got a hold of one of my friends Medical books. I've never had a sleep study done on me just EEG's. I guess because I am such a classic case they didn't need to. I think a sleep study is probably the best way to diagnois it though. Have a Good One. Terri

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