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tips for better sleep

Posted by Michel on August 11, 2000 at 06:10:51:

I have been having sleep paralysis and vivid dreaming (night terrors) and periods of insomnia all my life. Lately I only suffer occasionally. Here are some tips which helped me.

Do not drink fluids with cafeine
Do not drink "light" products with Nutrasweet !
Exercise every day (minimum of 45 minutes walking)
Stand-up early (not later then 8) every day also if you still feel asleep
Do not exercise in the evening
Do not watch action movies or do intensive work after two hours before sleeping time
If you cannot fall asleep take a paracetemol (Panadol) or a tablet of Ibuprofen(not to much)
Try to stay in rythm.
Limit the use of alcohol, it disturbs your sleep pattern.
Have your level of bloodsugar checked (hypoglykemia makes you sleep bad)
Eat your vitamins and minerals (especially the b's)
If you 're obese loose weight
Make sure you have somebody you can talk to if you have psychologicals problems or feel depressed or you just feel like talking.
Do not sleep on your back

Maybe some more tips will come to my mind. I will post them later. The thing which helped me most was stopping with the
"light" nutrasweet fluids. It disturbed my sytem completely


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