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Question 1 - Is it ok to have country music playing all night long next to infant crib?

From: G. L.

Dear Sandman, My 20 month old grandson has had country music playing by his crib all night long practically since birth. It is not on loud, but not real quiet, either.

He goes and goes all day long but sleeps 12-13 hours at night. Is there any association with noise during sleep and hyperactivity during the day?

Does he need it quiet during sleep?

Thank you, G L

Answer Provided by Sandman
August 4, 2007

Basically, anything that keeps an infant from getting the deep sleep they need can cause hyperactivity, ADHD or ADD symptoms.

No way to tell if it is due to the music, a sleep disorder, or other environmental problems. I would start by turning off the music and see if there is a change in daytime behavior. If there is no change you should watch him sleep to see if it is like the saying "Sleeping like a Baby" - silent and effortless, without sweating, very little movement, sleeping on his back, etc..

If he is not sleeping like a baby then you need to talk to a pediatric sleep specialist. If you can video him sleeping the sleep specialist may be able to diagnose the problem without an all night recording. It is critical to get good quality sleep at this stage in life so watch and see what is going on during his sleep periods.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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